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If you always download some files from plcsim.narod.ru with a CRC error... All my files is Ok. You can try any download manager.
All last long keys for all new program

EKB Installer for testing

add keys and Big Yellow USB Stick image http://rapidshare.com/files/385394182/Simatic_EKB_Install_2010_05_09.zip  6.1 MB

Problems for laptop without floppy fixed in :

Q: Will not run right :
When starting, error message :
"Access violation at address 004BB0BE in module 'Simatic_EKB_Install_2007_06_12.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

Clicking OK makes the program start, but error message :
"List index out of bounds(1)" shows up all the time.....

One russian user write about this error.
But when it insert USB stick - program work Ok.
And all users white this problem write - in other PC this program work.
I don't know reason of this problem - because not have it.

In next week I will try to update program for fix this error.

Q: You are absolutely right.
I tried to run it from USB stick -and it works!
But it does not work from my harddrive....

because you have only one disc C: and not floppy.

When you insert USB stick - program work Ok, because you add second disc D: .

ɬ榲򽡯񯢫歠 흆𐴱믬 𐱮䱠 ﳮ񼳠믬𐽾󦱠󪡭졯񦞊㲲ᣫ殨枼span lang="en-us">USB ի릠鬨 𐱨 衯 흅릠 𐱮䱠 񡢮󡦲.

Ӡ衪ᨠ 򡪠㲲񦸠첿 흇믩 𐱮⬥, 󬡥 󱴤󦡨 𐯽󯭳 󱴤鲯񡣨󺬼/i>

----------- YELLOW FLASH DISK with SlowCopy Normal Long Simatic keys for ALM 1, 2 and 3 ------------

New FastCopy Keys for ALM3 2007/12/28
ή㼥 аﲲ𐩰㡊쿷桤콠ALM3 2007/12/28


Ҳᱻ㡄쩭 »򳱮ˮ𐩰㡪쿷桭㡰᢮󡿲 흄ʠ3 饠ҥ񣩱 Р랠1 嬿 Step7 v5.4
ð步㡰湥 𐱮⬥Kʠ3: 省﫫㡮Ⱡ蹠桮⺠ 1,5-㡿 湫󡽠婱릲ힺbr> Ů𐯫欼񡨬湸롮Ⱡ埙ellow Flash Disk 흆⯰猪 嬨󡫫
Ա󡮠㬨㡥󲽠ի 𐡬󺡫⯣졲鰠 桰ᨬ池
Х񦢠믩 묾鳥 FastCopy 묾埃:\AX NF ZZ

OLD LONG FastCopy keys not work with ALM 3 from Service Pack 1 for Step7 v5.4
Modify Yellow Disk tool for create keys for ALM 3
1.5-hour Floppy Yellow Disk
Yellow Flash Disk image with 133 Normal Long keys for install to ANY type and ANY size Flash memory
Before install these keys to remove old FastCopy keys from C:\AX NF ZZ
http://rapidshare.de/files/34053605/Simatic_168_keys_YELLOW_FLASH_2006_09_22.zip 1.2 mb
http://rapidshare.de/files/33850371/Simatic_Long_keys_for_ALM_3_2006_09_21.zip 1.66 mb

----------- FastCopy LONG KEYS ONLY FOR ALM 1 and 2 ------------

Ů⡢驠㡪쿷桨 騬歸 鳳 嬿 湫󼳠婱릲
Add new keys and modify YellowDisk tool
http://rapidshare.de/files/25397994/Simatic_EKB_key_set_2006_07_07.rar.html 761 kb

Add keys for Step7 5.4 and Step7 5.4 Pro and all received keys.

ӥ𐦰 򳡫졢館吝졳讠󺡯ᱮ캠饠ᨠ MMC 롰󹡯᭿󦡤콠S7-300, 򥦫ᮭ冷 𐱮䱠矗inHex
UnLock the Password of protected MMC S7-300 (from image file maded by WinHex)

Add complex key for PCS7 v6.1 SP1 PCS7TT61.EKB and all received keys
Ů⡢즭 믬𐬥벭硪쿷 嬿 PCS7 v6.1 SP1 SIFLPCS7TT0601.EKB 桢򣡯דּ㡪 󯭳 㱥桪쿷滢r> Simatic_Step7_Plcsim_Wincc_Flexible_PCS7_Ekb_Authors_2006_02_24.zip
2.180.997 Bytes
0,2 mb
1,78 mb
Sources from my page
4.827.620 Bytes
Press FREE button in table

Ңᬪힺힺ᢮󡦲. CVALKA anew does work.
How to go on site CVALKA.

p񴲱믣존ﱳ힠http//simatic.nm.ru/phorum 31/12/2005 ࡱ𐱠㯷 ᳥
Archive of the russian forum http//simatic.nm.ru/phorum 31/12/2005 in CHM help format
6.660.196 Bytes
SimaticNmRu_2005_12_31.chm include this site

Very hot Links for dowlnload from international http://plc.net.ru - Ю򬦤 ︥䯰򲼫릠嬿 򫡷飠
Add links to Step7 v5.4 Pro 2006, PCS7 6.1 SP1, WinCC 6.0 SP4 with MS SQL 2000 SP4, WinCC Flexible 2005 SP1 and other
ؠ򳺠򲼫蘒ᦲ ⼱󱬠𐬠ᣨ󀺨ꡮ𡮠흇鸨. ұ쫨 穢0 宥硯ﲫ㡯ﲫ業槠򫡷림br> Possible links will be delete by provider 30 days after no download.
Ю랠㼪졤㡾 𐯫 鲵省髨 𐬠𐦰橬殮㡭鼠嬨󡫫 󡨠롪 󞡲歠 󱦡硯񯣥񫦠흇򳼬桯汥衣񴨪᭨. Š 桯﫠 䯰鰮

Yet I do not place full source and the program for renaming long keys as this theme demands assidious check with frequent restart of system for try keys.
You can use EKB_Backup from CVALKA

Ʊ즠񡣠흇䀲򽡭㡪쿷檠󬡯񩹫鳥 鳠嬿 楮򳴯 믫즪

If you will have new keys send them for a popular collection.

Simatic_EKB_07_2005_13.zip 1,8 mb - original, "activated", "renamed", full Yellow disk, long keys and source 13/07/2005

Cc쫨  妲㡭ힺﱳhttp://simatic.nm.ru/phorum 桢 ᱵ飥 힠 SimaticNmRu_08_26_2005.chm - 3,6 ퟠ(Links can be useful to foreign users in our archive of Russian Simatic forum in CHM format.).

m櫤ﰠ흆鮭묾 Joke for Float Keys (Inside keys - source - Renaming - Keys Set) 27/09/2005

m櫤ﰠ휻 href="PCS7.htm">PCS7 v6.1 (Joke for PCS7) 03/09/2005

m櫤ﰠ嬿 WinCC Flexible 2005 (Joke for WinCC Flexible) 04/09/2005

m櫤ﰠ嬿 Joke for Protool (Joke for ProTool) 09/09/2005

ɱ򬦤 EKB_Rename+Yellow Disk (Inside old short and new long keys) 16/07/2005

ү鲮衪쿷槊 Keys listing 13/07/2005

m櫤ﰠ흄󯱨衲ﱮꞼa href="AuthorsW.htm"> AuthorsW (Joke for Siemens AuthorsW) 28/04/2005

m櫤ﰠ嬿 WinCC 6 SP3 (Joke for WinCC) 13/07/2005

m櫤ﰠ흆쳮硤鲪泮瞼a href="Yellow_Disk.htm"> Yellow Disk (Joke for new and old Simatic Yellow Disk)

m櫤ﰠc잊Step7 v.5.4 ( (Joke for "Killer" of Yellow Disk and Siemens.exe) 21/07/2005

UnProtect "protected" FC s7canopener and other (ҭ󩣠"衹鳻" 휺Ẩ殭󠡴駩

а擄᭬ힺﰨ񯣠 𐯤 ŎϠ FDA 6.1 & 7.1 (Program for copy the authorization disk)

ˠ衱﨤᳼ 省󱡭鷳. How to create a site on the server NAROD.RU - The instruction

ˠ表򰯫询᳼ 𐱮䱠 嬿 򯨤ᮨ 𐱮򳼵 򳱠. How to use CreateNarodPageJPG

Ʊ즠񡣠흆󺡭橧㦱󮼥 묾pan lang="en-us"> 鬨 鳠魥- 쩲㡤콠𐯯שּׂ殨 椮 ﱠ.

If you have unknown to me keys (or key names) - send for updating the common set.


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See also File Exchanger http://www.cvalka.com directory CVALKA SIMATIC and OTHER - work.

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